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This is a patented fully portable single gyro stabilized hybrid wheel is called the SoloWheel®. This SoloWheel® is invented by Inventist® Inc founder in USA and it's currently the only one in the world. Ride it with style.

The SoloWheel® is the smallest, greenest, most convenient "people mover" ever invented. This new gyro stabilized, electric unicycle is more compact and fun to ride than any folding electric bike!

Externally, the SoloWheel® consists of a wheel and two foldable standing platforms.

Internally, the SoloWheel® use a gyro sensors, a 1000w motor and a rechargable Li-Po Battery. All this technology housed under a durable, yet visually appealing slim case featuring leg pads and a handle for easy carrying.

The SoloWheel® is very portable. You can carry it with you to anywhere. It's a transportation that provides users with an easy, uncomplicated, straightforward ride is the goal of SoloWheel® So get on and get going whereever you are!

We are the only authorised distributor in Singapore to provide full training and warranty coverage.

The SoloWheel® is also a Eco-Product, as it come with a hybrid motor, it will recharge itself when rider riding down slope or braking.

The new June 2012 upgraded SoloWheel® come with more powerful motor which provide more safety and balancing. Currently ready for order as the demand for the SoloWheel® is very high all over the world.

SoloWheel® is retailing at S$3288 with 2 hour personal coaching, 3years limited warranty on LiPo4 Battery and 1year limited warranty on parts in Singapore - S$2750 (COD/Cheque & T/T in Advanced) Warranty covered by Inventist® Inc or S$2828 Credit Card Payable through our website. 

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