Head Coach & Curriculum Manager

We are looking for someone with a competitive swimming background, who is passionate about educating children through sports. Someone who not only cares about the next gold medal, but more so about the long-term development of every learner.


* Degree in either education, pedagogy and psychology related, or kinesiology, physiology and sport science related. * Minimum 3-5 years coaching experience with a background in competitive swimming at national or international level preferred. * Demonstrated passion for swimming, youth development and vision of X Lab Pro. * Demonstrated ability to design a structured curriculum and corresponding season plan. * Demonstrated ability to motivate and inspire swimmers of all ages and create a positive learning environment. * Demonstrated team player with an open mindset to learning, improving and tweaking the status quo. * Excellent understanding of training principles and technique development. * Excellent writing, communication, and relationship-building skills. * Knowledge of Hy-Tek Meet Manager and Team Manager preferred. * Work 44 hours per week out of which 20+ hours coaching on the deck during mornings, evenings and weekends when required.


* Work with Sports Lab Program Executive and external experts to create the curriculum content aligned with the X Lab vision. * Develop a corresponding season plan with training phases, swim meets, overseas trips & relevant activities to help swimmers reach their highest potential both in and out of the pool. * Attend, oversee and coach swimmers during all daily swim- & land trainings, stroke corrections, swim meets and activities that the competitive swim team is involved in. * Organize and conduct quarterly parent-student-coach review sessions to set season goals and evaluate progress in accordance with the assessment criteria of the curriculum. * Communicate any relevant information - including promotion of holistic long-term curriculum - to parents and swimmers, and handle all related enquiries. * Attend regular workshops and courses, and use the learnings to continuously improve the curriculum and coaching staff. * Develop and mentor other coaches to promote a learning environment in which coaches are able to grow to the highest standard of coaching. * Fulfil administrative tasks related to the program; e.g. meet entries, attendance report, student performance tracking, and minutes of attended workshop. * Help with recruitment of swimmers by being a positive ambassador of X Lab during meets, advocating the X Lab vision during events & talks, and supporting marketing activities.

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