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Innovative assets to transform sporting experiences

Through years of academic research, collaboration with experts and practical testing and application, Sports Lab has developed curricula, technology and people – a winning combination that can drive the desired outcomes through purposeful sporting experiences.

Holistic Learning Program

Holistic Learning Curricula

Sports Lab understands the formative role that sports can play in a child’s education journey. Our proprietary programs focus on technical fundamentals, physical literacy, emotional intelligence and long term athlete and student development.

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SwimSurv Learn to Swim

Systematic approach to Learn-to-Swim based on the belief that smallest elements of a stroke contribute to a strong foundation and success in swimming.

Focused on fundamentals and injected with fun to engage children aged 3 and up effectively. Students start by learning basic water survival skills in 'Toddler' levels, then advance into basic techniques of swimming in 'Beginner' levels, and eventually master all 4 strokes upon completion of 'Intermediate' levels. Every student's progress is tracked and assessed in 8-weekly blocks, and a certificate is awarded upon completion of each level.

Digital Student Engagement

Digital Student Engagement

Sports Lab aspires to optimise the progression of students and coaches through technology powered tools. We develop innovative software with leading EduTech players and leverage the use of relevant best-in-class third party applications.

SwimTrainer by Sports Lab

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The ultimate coaching companion – swim curriculum with lesson plans, illustrative videos, visualisation tools and effective coaching cues.

The SwimTrainer is Sports Lab’s essential coaching tool developed by professional coaches and athletes who have successfully trained thousands of children. Each program block comes with detailed lesson plans, videos of training drills, 3D animations of stroke techniques, activity-specific coaching communication tools and comprehensive assessment criteria. 

Highly-trained Coaching team

Highly Trained Coaching Team

Sports Lab recognises that the development and delivery of programs and technology must be of the highest standard. We place heavy emphasis on recruitment, teaching and upgrading the best team. 

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Swimming Instructor Course

Sports Lab and International Sport Academy have developed a comprehensive course to create Swimming Instructors.

The theory course encompasses Values & Principals in Coaching, Early Childhood Development, Pedagogy & Communication, Learning Environment, Physical Literacy, and Swimming Stroke. Coaches also put this in practice through an attachment phase with senior coaches. This is followed by a First Aid CPR/AED course and a strict exam to ensure they are ready to start coaching.

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